LC-04 Vortex Washing Machine

LC-04 Vortex Washing Machine

It is suitable for cleaning, shaking and draining leafy vegetables, roots and stems, pickled fruits and vegetables, such as: cabbage, lettuce, cabbage, pickled radish, rutabaga, etc. It is also mostly used in conjunction with other clean vegetable processing equipment to assemble into a production line.

1. Adopting the design of double cleaning with swirling flow and bubbles, the bottom of the cylinder is equipped with a high-pressure gas injection pipe, and the high-pressure bubbles can effectively separate the vegetables into clumps, which effectively solves the problem of pure swirling vegetable washing machine when cleaning uncut vegetables. The clumping phenomenon can only clean the disadvantages of the materials after cutting. The exhaust pipe is equipped with a pressure relief valve to adjust the bubble strength when cleaning different materials. The eddy current cleaning machine adopts 360-degree cycle flipping massage cleaning + high-pressure adjustable bubble vibration cleaning, which has good cleaning effect and does not damage the materials.
⒉. Adopting vibratory conveying instead of traditional conveyor belt conveying, the structure is simpler, it reduces a lot of cleaning time than traditional conveyor belts, and is more convenient to use; the conveying surface in contact with the material is designed with punching holes, which effectively separates the debris in the material. The imported vibrating arm is adopted, the vibration frequency is high and stable. At the same time, the vibrating screen is equipped with a double-row spray system to form a high-density spray belt to ensure that during the continuous and stable vibration conveying process, the upper spray and the lower vibration are used to make The material is cleaned more cleanly, and the excess water is effectively drained, and the pre-dewatering function is provided for the next dewatering process.
3. The automatic water replenishment and water-free power-off functions greatly reduce the machine failure rate. The circulating water tank and the main water tank are equipped with automatic water replenishment devices without manual intervention, which is convenient and efficient, and effectively saves water.
4. According to customer needs, it can be equipped with ozone disinfection system, slag discharge device, etc., to form a complete cleaning and removal of impurities, disinfection and removal of pesticide residues.
5. The design of the whole machine is reasonable and the cleaning effect is good. It is an indispensable vegetable washing machine in vegetable washing equipment.
Remarks: Product specifications and functional devices can be customized or matched according to the actual needs of customers.
Technical Parameter
Machine size 4200x1460x1850mm
Capacity 1000 kg/H
Weight 300kg
Voltage 380V
Power 6.46kw



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Vortex Washing Machine

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