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LM-600 Vertical Sausage Filling Machine
LM-600 Vertical Sausage Filling Machine

LM-600 Vertical Sausage Filling Machine

It is suitable for filling and forming of raw materials such as beef and mutton rolls and steaks, filling and forming of ham sausage, and filling and forming of minced meat and lump meat. It can also be used in the field of meat restructuring and processing.

1. The appearance is beautiful, the standard of the formed meat roll is uniform, and the filling effect is firm and full.
2. The pressure regulating device adjusts the fullness of the product to meet the diverse needs of customers.
3. Customized molds, customized according to customer's production requirements, product processing consistency is good.

4. Simple cleaning and maintenance, easy to disassemble and assemble different specifications of silos.
5. The super wide food-grade workbench is convenient for placing pre-installed meat pieces or cutting and changing meat pieces in advance. Note: It can be customized according to customer needs.
Technical Parameter
Machine size 1870×580×1400mm
Weight 160kg
Trough length 600mm
Die diameter 70-140mm
Air pressure 0.5mpa
Meat plate size 1000x600mm





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