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LP-103 Automatic Quantitative Weighing Packaging Machine
LP-103 Automatic Quantitative Weighing Packaging Machine
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LP-103 Automatic Quantitative Weighing Packaging Machine

It is suitable for quantitative weighing of various granular, strip, block and irregular shaped materials, such as washing and cutting processed fruits and vegetables, puffed food, beans, cereals, quick-frozen food, pet food, various snack foods, etc.

1. The perfect combination of high precision and high speed, the best combination is instantaneously optimized from a wealth of weight combinations through computer calculations.
2. Using high-precision digital weighing sensor for accurate measurement, Chinese/English/Korean/Western and other languages LCD display operating systems are available for selection.
3. It has super-strong fault self-diagnosis ability, thus effectively reducing the mechanical failure rate. 4. Equipped with a powerful help menu, allowing you to operate more easily.
5. Powerful automatic data statistics function, record the total weight, total number of packages, qualification rate and other indicators of each batch of production.
6. With the function of counting grains, it can fulfill your needs in more aspects.
Technical Parameter
Machine size 1120×1120×1220mm
Weight 400kg
Weighing range 3-6500g
Speed 80 bags/min
Precision 土0.3-3g
Voltage 220v
Power 1.5kw

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LP-103 automatic quantitative weighing packaging machine

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