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LP-600A Automatic Modified Atmosphere Packaging Machine
LP-600A Automatic Modified Atmosphere Packaging Machine

LP-600A Automatic Modified Atmosphere Packaging Machine

Suitable for packaging cold fresh meat, cooked stewed food, box lunch, bread and pastry, etc. The modified atmosphere packaged food can better maintain the original taste, color, shape and nutrition of the food, and at the same time, combined with its own food technology, it can achieve a longer shelf life. This machine is suitable for box packaging of all kinds of foods. It continuously and automatically completes vacuuming, filling with mixed fresh-keeping gas (usually a mixed gas of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and oxygen), sealing packaging, cutting, and discharging of packaged products (assembly line: connectable Metal detection, weighing, labeling system)

1. This machine adopts the Omron PLC control program, and the programmable logic controller (PLC) cooperates with the touch screen to realize the man-machine interface dialogue. Each part of the action and control parameters can be set and modified by the PLC. Using Panasonic servo drive to control the operation action, the operation is accurate and the performance is stable.
2. The whole machine is made of SUS304 food grade stainless steel material and acid-proof aluminum alloy, and the surface of the equipment is easy to clean; it meets the national food hygiene selection equipment standard.
3. Parameters such as sealing pressure, temperature and time can be precisely controlled (0.01 second) to ensure that the sealing of products with different packaging materials achieves the desired effect.
4. The shape of the mold can be customized according to the packaging box style selected by the customer.
5. The maximum width of the roll film: 750mm, the maximum diameter of the roll film: 280mm
Technical Parameter
Machine size 4100x1250x1800mm
Capacity 400-600box/h
Voltage 220v/50Hz
Weight 500KG
Power 3.5KW
Maximum box size
(Two boxes)





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LP-600A Automatic Modified Atmosphere Packaging Machine

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