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LV-607L Belt Removable Multifunctional Vegetable Cutter
LV-607L Belt Removable Multifunctional Vegetable Cutter

LV-607L Belt Removable Multifunctional Vegetable Cutter

Cut leafy vegetables into sections and shreds, and cut root vegetables into shreds, slices, and dice.

1. The whole machine is made of SUS304 stainless steel, which is beautiful and durable.
2. The design of double heads can work at the same time, one machine can be used for multiple purposes, saving time and effort.
3. The speed of the leafy vegetables conveyor belt and the rotary knife adopts independent frequency converter to adjust the speed, which can flexibly adjust the cutting length of vegetables.
4. The widened design of the conveyor belt facilitates the feeding of large materials without changing the knife, and the work efficiency is higher.
5. The conveyor belt is detachable, easy to clean, to ensure the safety and sanitation of food processing.
6. The device has a sensor protection switch, which makes the operation safer.
Technical Parameter
Machine size 1300×650×1370mm
Cutting size

Leafy vegetables (adjustable": 1~60mm; roots vegetable (need to change blade set)

Shred: 2-10mm; Slice: 2-20mm; Dice: 8-20mm;


600-1200 kg/Ha

Weight 175kg
Voltage 220v
Power 1.8kw
Conveyor belt width 140mm

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Detachable multifunctional vegetable cutter

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