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LC-02 Roots vegetable cleaning and processing line
LC-02 Roots vegetable cleaning and processing line

LC-02 Roots vegetable cleaning and processing line

Product Usage:
It is suitable for the pretreatment of root vegetables in clean vegetable processing centers, central kitchens, food processing plants, and canteens of enterprises and institutions. It completes the procedures of preliminary cleaning, peeling, cutting, fine washing, conveying, air drying, draining, and dehydration. For example: potatoes, carrots, taro and other root vegetables.

Product Features:
1. The design of the whole line is reasonable, and the unique vortex + bubble cleaning process can achieve a very good cleaning effect without damaging the ingredients.
2. Sewage outlets are designed on both sides of the vegetable washing machine to facilitate the flow of debris, residues and other debris; the bottom of the tank has a sediment filter device and a V-shaped sewage discharge design to facilitate the flow of sediment.
3. Circulating water tank design, more water saving, can also be equipped with filter tank and ozone sterilization device.
4. The body is made of 304 stainless steel, which is durable and meets food hygiene requirements.
5. The core accessories are imported with original packaging, with good airtightness and easy cleaning.
6. According to the customer's site conditions and needs, we can plan, design and customize different matching production lines, or different specifications of equipment.
Technical Parameter
Machine size 25000x1300x1680mm
Capacity 1000-2000kg/H
Voltage 380V
Power 18kw



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