LC-09 Conveyor selection table
LC-09 Conveyor selection table

LC-09 Conveyor selection table

It is used for the selection, pretreatment, cutting and transportation of vegetables, fruits and other materials. It is the front-end pretreatment equipment connected to the production line.

1. Reasonable design, low energy consumption, stable performance; high efficiency, saving time and labor. The equipment has single-layer, double-layer, and three-layer conveying and picking tables, all equipped with a working table with a cutting board. The conventional station configuration has four stations, six stations, and eight stations.
2. Single-layer conveyor picking table, using conveyor belt to run material transportation, manually remove waste or unqualified parts, and put them into the waste port. The qualified products will go to the next process with the conveyor belt for processing, and the conveying speed can be adjusted. .
3. Double-layer conveying and picking table, the upper layer can be used for conveying and picking, and the lower layer is for conveying waste, which is more convenient and efficient in waste disposal than the single-layer picking table.
4. Three-layer conveying and picking table, the upper layer conveys product materials, the middle layer is for selection and conveying, and the lower layer is for waste materials. The equipment integrates the functions of raw material conveying, sorting and cutting, good product conveying, waste product conveying, and waste product collection. The degree of automation is high, and a lot of labor is saved.
5. Equipment of different specifications can be customized according to customer needs.
Technical Parameter
Product name Single layer conveyor picking table Double-layer conveyor picking table Three-layer conveyor picking table
Equipment size Subject to the actual product, can be customized
Capacity 1000-2000KG/H   Can be customized 2000-3000 KG/H  Can be customized 2000-3000 KG/H   Can be customized
Voltage 380V 380V 380V
Power 0.75kw 0.8Kw 1.2KW


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Conveyor selection table

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