LC-12 Crates Washing Machine

LC-12 Crates Washing Machine

The frame washing machine is a novel continuous revolving basket cleaning equipment. The whole machine design is divided into 3 parts, namely the first cleaning section,
Two stages of water purification and cleaning. In the primary cleaning section, a heating device can be added to clean the turnover basket by spraying with hot water and alkali as needed.

1. The whole machine is designed with 304 stainless steel, no rust and corrosion resistance;
2. The conveying device adopts a stepless speed regulating motor, and the cleaning time and speed are adjustable, which is suitable for cleaning the turnover baskets of different cleanliness;
3. The design of this machine adopts high-pressure water spray cleaning. The nozzle adopts high-temperature resistant, high-pressure stainless steel universal nozzle. The cleaning angle is adjustable. There are high-pressure water spray devices inside the cleaning section, up and down, to ensure the cleanliness of the cleaning;
4. The water pump adopts a stainless steel high-pressure centrifugal pump, which has a large cleaning force and a better cleaning effect, and will not rust and pollute the water source in the water tank due to water remaining in the pump;
Technical Parameter
Machine size 5000x1660x1700mm
Capacity 500-800pcs/h
Voltage 380v
Heating power 36kw
Equipment power 7.5kw

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